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Domain Served

Agri-Food Products

Green Mark is witness to the changes that are taking place in India, and is responding with innovative, cost efficient and functionally excellent solutions. Green Mark has been able to build an impressive track record in the demanding area of cold chain movement and has evolved efficient, safe and operationally cost competitive solutions. It is only because of these reasons that Green Mark has emerged as the leader in this sector, allowing it to adapt and further evolve this expertise to a wider variety of food companies.


Consumer Products

Green Mark has been able to successfully develop a range of solutions and operational processes to respond to the needs of both small and large manufacturers of consumer foods. By having the understanding of supply chains in evolved markets that use automation effectively, Green Mark has been able to successfully marry their understanding to the Indian context to offer manufacturers functionally excellent solutions to optimize efficiency and productivity. So whether it involves snacks, cooking oil or ice cream, you can be rest assured of receiving the highest levels of customer service.


Retail Sector

Understanding the on ground dynamics of the Indian retail industry has been the key to Green Mark’s success in this sector. Green Mark has devised solutions that accommodate the uniqueness of the Indian retail environment and are able to help retailers withstand challenges of perpetual change in an increasingly competitive market. As consumers seek new levels of convenience, value and choice, we help retailers to balance complex supply chain requirements with the need to achieve consistent improvements in availability and service.

Food Service Sector

Green Mark works with food service businesses to bring solutions, some from other sectors and drive improvements to quality and service. The presence of a national network has enabled us to achieve economies of scale through critical mass and optimize costs for our customers. Green Mark has implemented to ensure seamless ordering systems and total integration across the supply chain. Green Mark Foodland’s track record and unique skill set has been instrumental in introducing standards to Indian food service that meet the benchmark set by the very best in the world.


Having grown to become a distributor with a nationally trusted healthcare transportation brand. Superior pharmaceutical and vaccine transport services from Green Mark have earned us an excellent reputation in India; As one of the country’s leading medical supply transportation services, we are constantly developing our standards and hiring diligent staff to ensure company growth. With our flexible, innovative approach to temperature controlled GDP pharmaceutical logistics, we have earned a reputation as industry-leading medical transporters. We are even able to respond to emergency transportation requirements.

Poultry Products

We are the key transporters for south India’s poultry farms in the manner of carrying and safety for the products. In this case we were appreciated by the poultry industry, for their products on time delivery and in good condition.